November 7, 2008


Writing editable programming

by Nori
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It’s the rainy days of winter.  Yuck.

Sometimes I write absolutely brilliant programming, then haven’t a clue how to work with it when I see it again in six month or a year.  I forget.  It’s not that I forget the coding is brilliant . . . okay, not brilliant but really good solid clean code, it’s that I have a great scheme that’s more than one layer deep.  If it’s all on the surface, it’s easy, but if I’m weaving a tale, <rolls eyes at self> it gets convoluted enough that I have trouble wrapping my brain around it the next time it comes around.  I don’t see this as being a good thing.

Good coding has lots of embedded comments so the reader knows what was done and why it was done.  I have a tendency not to write enough explanation.  At least I don’t on the coding I write that only I see.  I seem to comment enough on code others will use, so maybe it’s just laziness.  Or arrogance.  Maybe I think I’m so good I don’t need to comment because I will instantly know the next time I see the code what I did and why I did it.  Yeah, that works.  <rolls eyes again>

I’m pitiful at New Years resolutions, so saying I’ll do better in the future is so much wasted breath.  The best hope is to tell myself to write less complicated code.  A few more lines to make method and target transparent would go a long way to solving this small dilemma.  I’m not holding out hope that I will actually use more commenting.  <shakes head>  I know myself too well.