March 24, 2010


Whose taxes?

by Nori
Categories: Government, Taxing the American Public
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I did our taxes before the end of January.  Taxes can get pretty simple when people retire and Wadly is definitely retired.  I’ll tell you what bothers me.  I don’t mind paying taxes and I love getting some of it back when I file each year but I don’t like getting a refund of money I didn’t pay in.  If I’m getting a refund for more money than we paid, that tells me I’ve taken someone else’s money, money that’s not mine to get.  <wince>

Maybe I’m being overly moral, but I know what makes me comfortable.  Redistribution of wealth does not make me happy.  Taking something I haven’t earned makes me uncomfortable.  This is supposed to be the land of the free.  We aren’t free if we pay taxes and get back someone else’s involuntary contribution.