September 22, 2011


What the people at home say

by Nori
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Gary Johnson, the legislation and budget reducing Governor of New Mexico (1995-2003 – he term-limited out), has been invited to the latest presidential candidates’ upcoming debate.  He has, in fact, been eligible (based on poll numbers, he consistently polls higher than Santorum AND Gingrich) for the previous debates but was not invited.

Gary Johnson is a candidate I can get behind.  He has all of Ron Paul’s “government within the confines of the constitution” ideology paired with innate likeability and ease of communication Ron Paul lacks.  Johnson supports the Fair Tax and has actually walked the walk.  He reduced the size and scope of New Mexico’s government and balance the state’s budget during his 8 years in office.  If that isn’t enough to convince you he has the right ideology and experience to help us tackle our bloated and intrusive government, look at this at home state favorability poll.

Gary Johnson is the ONLY candidate who receives a net positive (PLUS 12) approval in their home state.  Compare that to the next best cluster of candidates (Gingrich, Cain and Perry) with a net favorability is MINUS 8.  <wince>  The gap from plus twelve to minus 8 is very telling if we naturally assume the constituents in a candidate’s home state know the candidate best.  Johnson’s positive favorability from his home state says his constituents know who he is, like who he is and think he did a good job when he was governor.  As accolades go, that’s pretty hard to top.

I’m asking you to take a serious look at Gary Johnson for President.  We need government lite, not bigger, more costly and more intrusive government.  Everything I’ve read, all the videos and all the commentary I’ve watched leads me to believe Gary Johnson is the guy who can get it done.