April 17, 2011


Too funny . . .

by Nori
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This is the point when I admit to occasionally being totally unPC.  If you knew me, I mean really knew me, you’d know it happens occasionally.  Like the time I worked for the County and told the guy who came in asking for an application for his wife that we didn’t have anyone who wanted to be his wife.  What he meant, of course, was he wanted an application for an open position the country had so he could give it to his wife.  <wince>  I was supposed to assume to know what he really meant instead of producing a verbal gut reaction to what he actually said.  Yeah, not so PC.  You see why I don’t work out in the public?  Sometimes my mouth just gallops away without me.

So this morning I’m reading news headlines and run across an article titled Bill Maher: “If Muslim Men Could Get Laid More,” There Would Be No Suicide Bombers. Instant not-so-politically-correct gut reaction . . . OMG, he’s right!  I mean, beyond the instant totally unPC “that is SO totally funny,” Maher is right!  The miserable lot of suicide bombers everywhere can be directly tied to a lack of sex-produced endorphins!

“I’ve said it many times…if Muslim men could get laid more, we wouldn’t have this problem. There’s probably no suicide bomber [who] after he died, people said, ‘You know, that guy, he blew everybody up, but boy – he got laid a lot.’”

Okay, I’m done chuckling at the expensive of suicide bombers world wide.  I’m going back to trying to be politically correct.