November 30, 2008


Thinking Green

by Nori
Categories: Energy, Gardening
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I’ve been researching different aspects of gardening and occasionally I run into a gem I just have to share.  I’ve been searching for information on vertical gardening.  I ran into a link that mentioned both the AeroGarden and Patrick Blanc and I just had to check.  Someone had posted, on an open blog, comments on the AeroGarden, some in favor and some whining at the lack of greeness.  To this post someone commented:

Just because I shower, shave, use deoderant, co-mingle with main stream Americans, work a professional job, have no interest in hugging trees, eating bark, wearing hemp underwear, am ever able to run my fingers through my wife’s underarm hair or aspire to be a self righteous eco-monkey, I still like to eat healthy. Great Product!!! No matter what you pink-o hippie meat-heads say.

I HAD to laugh.  Someone has the same degree of “greenity” I’ve got.  I’ll do my part, just don’t expect me to be ridiculous about it.  And when someone gets it just right, expect me to laugh.