July 13, 2012


The Supreme Court and Obamatax

by Nori
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Since the Obamatax decision came down from the Supreme Court, it’s been fascinating to listen to/read different people’s take on what the decision means, both short term and long. Of all the bits I’ve heard and read, I have found the perceptions of Randy Barnett, Carmack Waterhouse Professor of Legal Theory at the Georgetown University Law Center to be particularly interesting.

Barnett is a libertarian, the author of nine books and over 100 articles. He regularly publishes opinion pieces in periodicals like the Wall Street Journal. His Reason interview is going to be on my favorites list for a while. I’ve listened to it three times so far and will probably listen to it a couple more times before I move on. At almost 33 minutes, it’s a bit long, but it truly is fascinating listening. Barnett covers the Obamatax decision, how the Supreme Court effects our freedoms, interpretation of the Constitution and the move toward originalism.

At the end of the interview Damon Root mentions Barnett’s website and writings on the Volokh Conspiracy website. Barnett’s annotated Declaration of Independence on Volokh is both illuminating and educational.

This is part of our advanced citizenship, to understand what is happening, the impact it will have on us and how we can work toward restoring our Constitution and Bill or Rights.