March 10, 2010


Tax code

by Nori
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Tax code in pages

In my lifetime the tax code is five times bigger than the year I was born. That’s more than 56,000 page larger in just over 50 years.

To the left is a graphic example of the growth of our nation’s tax code from its inception in 1913.  At the current rate of growth, at the end of my projected life expectancy the tax code will top 126,000 pages.

Are you okay with that?  I’m definitely NOT okay. Every time the tax code increased, a little more of our liberty is lost.

Do you think this isn’t going to effect you? Do you have ANY idea what government spending is doing to our economy?  Read this two page article and tell me this isn’t going to negatively impact every man, woman and child in the US.

The conservatives, the Tea Partyers, the economists are all screaming at us to look and listen.  Are you hearing them?