March 7, 2021


Sorry CATO, no donation

by Nori
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I donate every year to a number of organizations/foundations/charities. When I shopped at Amazon I used their smile donation for Samaritan’s Purse, the best charity ever. Now that I no longer use Amazon, I’ve added them to my donation list along with Freedom Foundation, Convention of States, Heritage Action, Judicial Watch, Heritage Foundation and Sidney Powell’s new action committee. Inside my budget I jet off my donation amount to the next on the list each month. 

I had contemplated adding CATO to my donation list . . . and then I got their newsletter. Oops. CATO, you cannot say you’re following the science AND that we’re ruining our world via anthropomorphic climate change at the same time. Those two things DO NOT equate. If you’re “following the science” and say we’re ruining our world you aren’t following real science.

The end result . . . no donation. I will not support believers of pseudo-science. Your position may make you more acceptable to those who believe fake science but to me they expose your clay feet.