April 21, 2011


Redistribution of GPA

by Nori
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Remember this post where I talked about using redistribution of grades to teach students the long term effects of the tenets of socialism?  Now someone’s done a video about students not being eager to redistribute “excessive” GPAs to help those who won’t be able to graduate due to poor performance.

I think the good students’ reactions to sharing their GPAs with the “less fortunate” students is precious . . . and their saying redistribution of earnings is different is a gut reaction.  <LOL>  They may think redistribution of wealth is different, but I bet it’s got those students thinking!

If you take the time to watch the video (it’s not very long) you’ll notice there are about 20 names on the petition.  Would you want to bet they are students who want the grade bump they’d get if this policy went into effect?