September 21, 2008


Race, Obama and the Bradley effect

by Nori
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There’s a lot of discussion about Obama’s race and how it impacts the presidential race.  Obama has tried to get past the race issue but his feet are still heavy with mud from his association with Reverend Wright.  That isn’t the only problem he’s got when it comes to race, it’s just the most obvious.

I grew up in an indian rich area where indians were generally looked down on by a percentage of the populace.  I didn’t understand it then, I don’t understand it now.  People are people, regardless of their race or color.  My best friend in high school was indian. I don’t see color.  I see how people act and how they talk.  I know white people who deserve the appellate historically assigned to blacks.  I worked for an oriental who truly deserved to be run over by a beer truck for the way staff was treated.  I reiterate, color and race are not the issue, deportment and presentation are.

When Obama identifies himself radically racial, he alienates himself from the general populace.  When he takes a socialistic stance, campaigning the government to build a welfare state for those who are less fortunate, he alienates himself from those who work hard, pay their bills and support their country.  By expanding government, he becomes part of the problem, not a solution.

The Bradley Effect states a percentage of those who say they will vote for a black candidate will vote by voice only, not at the polls.  In this case, I see that as a good thing.