May 2, 2011


Principle FIRST

by Nori
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I’m having a bit of trouble with people advocating flexible principles based on circumstance.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Sean Hannity, but . . . <wince>  Come on, Sean.  It doesn’t matter what bin Ladin did before we managed to remove him from the equation, we must do the right thing according to our country’s principle.  We cannot decide to hang on to the body just because it would be convenient.  We are a country based on respect for the freedom of religion.  I may not admire the Muslim religion, but to not bury some mass murder according to the precept of his religion because he doesn’t deserve it based on his past actions or ideology is just wrong.  Not just wrong but really wrong.  Justice has been served, let’s move on.

If we don’t have principle, we don’t have anything.  We are a strong country because we try to do the right thing.  To do anything other than the right thing is to compromise the principles for which we stand.

By now you should know I am principled but not always appropriate.  This is where we move on to the entirely inappropriate portion of our program . . . pardon me while I celebrate the removal of a megalomaniacal mass murderer.  I understand the need for burial at sea, I really do.  No country wanted his body and having no place for followers to congregate was an additional issue.  The sea burial serves many purposes.  My only complaint . . . there’s nowhere we can go and dance on that creep’s grave.