March 31, 2011


Practical Health Care

by Nori
Categories: Economics, Wising up
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Just recently News Max Health had an article about a company called Qliance Medical Group which has three clinics where day-to-day medical care is available to subscribes regardless of their health care coverage. For $49 (or $89 depending on age) a month, each subscriber gets unhurried personal attention as needed.

This is a brilliant concept.  I don’t see any reason why hospitals can’t do the same and offer a subscription that covers hospital services.  The hospitals could partner with the Qliance clinics to cover the patients of a number of clinics at a set subscription rate.

Fifty cents of every primary care dollar gets burned up in insurance company transaction costs.  That’s fifty cents of EVERY DOLLAR not spent on patient care.  Imagine how inexpensive health care would be if we followed this model and cut the insurance companies completely out of our health care.