November 1, 2011


Perception versus reality

by Nori
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I read an article this morning by Dennis Prager on the cost of feminism.  In discussing it with Wadly (venerable spouse) we think Dennis hit the nail squarely on its head.  In talking about the feminization of man with my manly man, we agreed that women could relate more easily to gay men.

The problem with gays, male and female, is we don’t look at who they are inside.  We see the outside, male or female, and fail to take into account the content of the package.

History has proven our content isn’t necessary reflective of our exterior and this disparaty isn’t limited to sexuality.  On The Blaze this week I read an article about a young man who was desperate to distance himself from the outward evidence of his skin-head past.  His extensive tattoos no longer matched his heart and his life and family were suffering as a result.  After sixteen extremely painful surgeries to remove his tattoos, he now has a chance at a life less encumbered by his past.

With Dahlmer and Bundy as excellent examples that outward attractiveness is reflective of only the surface, we need to school ourselves to see and value the inside person.  Gay is rarely a life choice, it’s a heart choice.  The anti-gay activists are our generation’s KKK, and in 30 years when this faulted ideology is a thing of the past, we will undoubtedly find some other cause to hang our desire for dysfunction on.