February 1, 2012


Pay no attention . . .

by Nori
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. . . to the man behind the curtain.

I’m pretty sure everyone’s seen the ad with the cartoon characters representing the tapped out Federal Reserve with Ben Bernanke and Obama hiding in the vault with all the government IOUs.  You get a real feel for the slight-of-hand going on in our government.  I don’t know about you, but I find it really distressing.

Yesterday I watched a video about a company Romney managed that was deeply engaged in Medicare fraud to the tune of massive amounts of money.  Politifact judged the video to be mostly true.  Romney managed to divest himself and Bain Capital of the company at exactly the moment the Feds descended on the company with warrants.  Romney was either a clueless manager and the timing if the divestment was fortuitous or he is one clever bastard willing to countenance fraud in search of a better bottom line for Bain Capital.  Let’s call this a smoking gun and move on.

Then, this morning the CATO Daily Podcast was on Romneycare.  The podcast is mostly about the fact checking of Santorum’s claim that Romneycare increased free-ridership five-fold, but that’s not the most illuminating piece of the podcast.  Right at the end of the podcast is the real jewel.

Listen all the way to the end and then tell me what you think.  Clever bastard or ignorant dupe?  After you finish the podcast, you should have a clue what I think.