March 10, 2010



by Nori
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I’m going away for the weekend.  I’m doing my normal morning computer thing and realized . . . the number of electronic items I have to pack has really grown!  In the last two years my list of bits to take has grown.

I have a book I’m reading on my PDA.  I only use it for reading or listening to books and music, so I don’t normally pack it.  This time it goes plus its wall charger.  The car charger’s always in the car so no worries there.

Then there’s my new cell.  I have to swing by Radio Shack on my way out of town and get an IGo tip for it.

I need my laptop.  I also have one Sansa E with all my music on it and another with books on tape.  I got it because the PDA is heavy and runs out of battery pretty fast when listening to audio files.  The Sansa E goes all day.   Hmm.  I need to pick up an IGo tip for it as well.

Is your life like that?