September 23, 2008


Organizational evolution

by Nori
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I’ve been a member of a quilting group for about eight years.  About six years ago I started a website for our guild.  Since that time I’ve created websites for a couple other clubs, and I’ve found an interesting parallel between these clubs.

When I started the guild’s website I wrote the site using php/mysql (sorry, geek speak) so the information that was used in more than one place in the website came from a database where it could be easily updated and accessed.  This, and a comprehensive admin function, allowed management of the information and website by any number of people.

The website was a complicated concept for most of the membership and  because of some significant resistance from a few neophyte internet users I did all the updating.  Now, six years later, members actively maintain the website, keeping the pages and information updated.  Board members regularly use the admin functions to update their areas of responsibility and maintain contact with the membership.

I have seen this same pattern in three other clubs.  And the time frame seems to be consistent between the clubs.  The clubs have different foci (horses, quilting, community service), yet they all mirror the same pattern in how the membership embraces and manages the website.  Interesting.