November 30, 2008


Organic architecture

by Nori
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I saw an ad on TV for the AeroGarden which is a neat thing.  Because I am psychologically unable to purchase at full price, new or something I can approximate out of bits and pieces, my research on hydroponics was begun anew.

In the last couple days I have learned the (to me) most interesting things.  There’s a Frenchman who covers buildings and walls with living plants creating beautiful and interesting wallscapes.

There’s an Englishman who built a vertical wall on his apartment balcony.

And finally, there’s a young lady who has built a hydroponic garden in her apartment.  This is the system I’m going to use for my lettuce with the exception of the very expensive and not very efficient metal halide light.  Instead, I’m going to use LED lighting.  I found a DIY 272 LED light kit that will give me better growth while using a fraction of the energy at a fraction of the equipment cost.

So this is my parts list:

  • light proof container with plastic lid
  • floating fogger
  • air stone and pump
  • digital power center with timer
  • coconut fiber (optional)
  • hydroton (expanded clay)
  • grow baskets (I could actually use solo cups with lots of holes for this)
  • LED light kit
  • hydroponic nutrient solution

So for under $150 I should be able to put together a hydroponic garden in which I can grow lettuce, herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans . . .  I can also use it to start seedlings . . .

Interestingly enough, it’s possible to grow potatoes (yes, potatoes!) hydroponically.