November 7, 2008


On the topic of programming…

by DJ
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Brilliant! Just brilliant!

I am writing a post instead of commenting because I have a different spin on the whole programming issue to get off my chest.

My partner-in-crime on this blog is truly brilliant. She has spoiled me horribly over the years by using the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) method. Now I’m a pretty smart cookie and do good figuring things out on my own. But my friend here has helped in many ways to make my life easier through her Web programming. As a result I am indeed spoiled.

My case today… why do they have to make it so [you fill in the blank with the explicative of your choice] hard to make a very simple text change within a corporate Web site? I understand all too well why large corporations have this protocol they like to follow for updating their Web site, but if you are in a position making those updates, they make it all but impossible to work effectively and efficiently. I have been trying to make a simple update for way too long, and it wasn’t until I used a back door that I could make it. That’s just wrong. I will stop there.

My next peeve is they use a style sheet. Well, that’s great. We get a consistent look and feel to the site. I have no issue with using style sheets, as I know I get anal about consistency. My peeve? I updated a page using their code, and it is NOT consistent with the rest of the site. What’s wrong with this picture? Grrrrrr…

And yes, this is filed under energy because it is a waste of my energy trying to understand why they have to make it so … hard!