February 20, 2009


On music and life

by admin
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Have you ever stopped to consider how important music is?  It comforts and soothes, rouses and relaxes. I think it’s second to religion in its importance to health and life.  Without music, we’re missing the rhythms and color that keep us connected to ourselves.  It broadens our heart.

I’m a huge smooth jazz fan.  That doesn’t mean it’s the only music I like and it doesn’t mean I like all smooth jazz, but it fulfills something in me.  Balm for the beast, I suppose.  I like the sophistication, the individuality, the uniquity. Yeah, I know uniquity isn’t a word, but it is uniquely descriptive.

Now that I’ve got you all cranked up about how totally pompous I can be, check this out.  Free Jazz Explained by Ukeridge.  It makes me smile every time I watch it.  I hope it does the same for you.