November 9, 2010


On Hollywood

by Nori
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I’m a little bit of a fashion junkie.  In my 30’s I belonged to a high fashion sewing group.  I made high quality lux clothes out of silk and linen and wool for wearing to work.  I designed my own patterns and generally enjoyed the creativity and exchange of ideas.

Because I like fashion, I enjoy watching Fashion Runway.  When I’m working within sight of the tv I’ll turn on a fashion show if no interesting home improvement show is available.

Yesterday I watched two episodes of the Rachel Zoe Project.  If you’ve never watched the show it’s where these supremely shallow and self-involved people dress other supremely shallow and self-involved people.  It’s like watching a slow moving emotional train wreck.  I feel for these people.  All they can do is complain about their situation and each other.  The interaction between Zoe and her husband (Bergman) is painful.  They don’t seem to like each other enough to be married, let alone have sex, yet they’re talking of having a child.  Ack!

The perfect Hollywood contrast is Mark Harmon.  He treats everyone with respect.  His co-workers laud him mightily, he doesn’t use his fame or power as a lever, and he’s humble.  His private life is PRIVATE.  What a contrast.