April 5, 2021


OMGosh! This is fabulous!

by Nori
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I’ve occasionally said (tongue in cheek) that illegal immigrants should be catapulted back over the border. We’ll be kind . . . we’ll even give them a parachute. This article has an even better plan! I love it!


Time To Do That Which We Are Accused

By Lindell Denham -April 5, 2021

Are you a ‘normal, red-blooded American’?  Are you tired of having every single problem, real or imagined, in the country blamed on you?  Are you up-to-here with being called racist, homophobic, xenophobic, sexist, patriarchic, deplorable, or whatever the Progressives decide is an appropriate description of you (even though they don’t know you at all)?  Have you had enough of ‘learning’ that the United States of America was not only BUILT upon slavery, but slavery is the only reason for its existence?  Or maybe your ears will bleed if you hear one more time that rich, White, European-descent, business tycoons get wealthy or extend their current wealth on the backs of the poor and destitute of all races here, but ESPECIALLY minorities?  Have you been told that everything from math to proper English, to Climate Change, is the result of racism?  I may have an answer to all of the above!  Let’s dig.

First, please understand that I am aware that what I am about to propose is an insane idea.  That, had I not been mentally abused by the nonsense in the first paragraph for literally decades, I wouldn’t have ever entertained such nutty policy suggestions.  I hail as a Constitutional Conservative, very much right-of-center politically.  I’m normally a live-and-let live guy—almost Libertarian in thought.  Other than protecting children, I think most people should have the opportunity to screw up their lives in whatever method they choose, so long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights or property of others.  On the other hand, I feel very strongly that, if I’m going to be constantly accused of some crime, regardless of lack of evidence of said crime—or even if I have exculpatory evidence that I absolutely did NOT do the crime– I am going to DO THE CRIME!  If I’m guilty or not, I will incur punishment either way, might as well!  So, I have a radical idea:  take the Progressives’ accusations to heart. 

Therefore, effective immediately, we should turn the US into the country the Progressives think we already are.  Pendulums swing, and it is time to swing that bad boy in the opposite direction than its current path!  As stated above, the US is accused of being so many awful things, so it is time to implement that which we our critics already deem us guilty of!

Dissenting opinions will be tolerated—once.  You get your say, as our 1st Amendment allows for.  But once stated, anything further is just agitation.  We, as a country, don’t want it, don’t need it, and it serves no positive purpose.  So, such opinions are now reason for the Ejection Clause below.

Calls for ‘racial equity’ end NOW.  This is a meritocracy, and will continue to be so.  Anyone wishing to give preferential treatment to any particular race will be subject to the Ejection Clause below.  Note that all minorities are still welcome in the US—as are all productive people.  Those that make a living by perpetuating the sins of the distant and near past are no longer welcome.  Take that particular show on the road.  Anywhere but here.

All history textbooks that depict the US as a country founded upon racism and genocide are GONE.  No problem telling the story of the US as a factual presentation, but adding the author’s opinions, based on current modes of morality and society, is not only erroneous, it paints the US in a poor, incorrect light.  It stops now.  Howard Zinn’s ‘A People’s History of the United States’ can be browsed anywhere but in a classroom in the US.  Authors of said view will be subject to the Ejection Clause below.

The US has carried able, non-productive people for decades, via our Social Safety Net.  This ends now.  While we will continue to provide assistance for people in-between jobs, it will no longer be a lifestyle.  If you are able to work, you will work—or be assigned work.  Don’t like the assigned work?  Get a job in a role you like.  All Welfare and unemployment compensation will have an end date.  Unemployment will be issued based upon real attempts to become employed.  Past that date, person will be subject to Ejection Clause below.  Note that this section does not cover mentally or physically disabled people.  We will use funds recovered from the idle able to implement true care facilities for those that simply cannot function well in society alone.  And we will continue to honor our promises of Social Security to those that paid into the system.  We will provide food for children and those that need—not money.  We will distribute basic foods, relieving our surpluses.  Do not like the food available?  Get a job.  Anyone else, see Ejection Clause below.

Congress will return to its original boundaries and intentions.  All spending will only be allowed under Constitutional enumerated powers.  The position of Congressman will pay zero salary, with an appropriate expense account that is subject to audit by a citizen committee.  Violation of oath of office is terms for immediate office loss, and subject to criminal prosecution.  Income taxes will be replaced by a national sales tax.  Changing the sales tax rate requires a super-majority of States to ratify.  There is no longer a reason to field an IRS, other than to audit sales tax collections, and prevent black market avoidance of sales taxes.  There will no longer be a yearly tax filing for individuals—such private information is no longer shared with government.  Corporate income taxes, that are currently passed on to consumers, go away completely.  Since the ‘progressive income tax’ and ‘corporate income tax’ are gone, Congress no longer can play favorites with the tax code, also removing their ‘fundraising’ hammer.  Lobbyists will continue to be legal, via 1st Amendment, but the first dollar that changes hands between lobbyist and Congressman is grounds for criminal prosecution of both parties.  ‘Redress of grievances’ will no longer be a monetary transaction.  Don’t like the new rules?  Don’t run for Congress.  Note:  voting will be with verifiable ID, in person.  The ONLY exceptions are deployed military and hospital patients.  Voting will occur from 7am to 7pm, local time zones, only on Election Day.  If it isn’t a priority to go to the polls, stay home.  Voting machines, if used, will only tabulate votes.  Any other function is an attempt to defraud that election, and will not be tolerated.  Every voting machine will pass an audit, and must retain all pertinent information for future analysis.

College professors will teach their subject matter.  Period.  Any attempt to insert political views where unwarranted will be grounds for Eject Clause below.  College degree programs will be indexed by anticipated income potential for each specialty.  Pre-med, pre-law, IT, engineering, etc. will be full tuition cost, but teaching degrees, and most degrees ending in ‘Studies’ will cost less, in anticipation of the degree holder’s ability to pay.  The entire Student Loan program will be reevaluated, top to bottom, every 10 years.

Public sector unions will disappear, effective immediately.  With no one representing the funder (taxpayer) at the bargaining table, these negotiations were always political stimulus.  Pay will be based upon performance, like any other job in the US.  Anyone attempting to change that environment will be subject to the Ejection Clause below.

Our immigration policy is now quite simple:  enter thru designated areas.  Folks who desire entry will be assessed physically for disease—those failing are denied entry.  They will be assessed for their work habits, desire to assimilate, and skill sets.  If there are unsatisfactory answers to those queries, they will be denied entry.  The US is not responsible for anyone outside of its borders, and we will decide who can come in.  Period.  Another new rule:  new immigrants will be put on a new database, with the sole purpose of verification of good citizenship.  In addition, new immigrants will NOT be eligible for any Welfare programs for 5 years, and will not be eligible to vote for 10 years.  Our Border Wall will be complete, and our temporary VISAs will be monitored.  Overstays and those that avoid proper procedure for entry will be subject to the Ejection Clause below.

The penal system will work into this process.  Career felons, with emphasis on those dangerous to society, will serve their sentences as prescribed.  Repeat offenders will be subject to the Ejection Clause below.  Minor offenses will not be dealt with as severely, but will be tracked for repetition.  Those that decide that rioting, looting, arson, and mayhem are appropriate methods of political protests will be immediately subject to the Ejection Clause below. Politicians, judges, and law enforcement officers will be viewed under extreme scrutiny. Each is given the public’s trust to do their job ethically and legally. Any variation from that, the Ejection Clause will be in order. Don’t like the intense scrutiny? Pick a different career path.

The Ejection Clause.  Mentioned many times above, this is the centerpiece of the new US, that will be run as heartless as it has been accused for decades.  Simply put, anyone subject to the Ejection Clause will have six months to get their affairs in order, then will be escorted out of the US.  Part of the six-month window will be to pick the country the person wishes to land in.  Paperwork to make that happen will be attempted.  If their first choice of country isn’t available (or doesn’t want them), the next available country will be chosen for them.  Once ejected, the person is forbidden to re-enter the US for 10 years, and even then, it is by application only.  All who are ejected get added to a new database.  Attempt to re-entry prior to or without application will put that person on a ‘do not allow’ list.  This entire process should make everyone happy.  The gist of the issue:  you don’t like the US, and how it is run; we don’t want you here.  Those here will contribute to the economy and advance the history and traditions of the US.  So, now we are the mean, whatever-phobic country that everyone accuses us of.  Except we will gladly allow anyone productive, of any physical or minority status, to prosper here.  Just like it is today—shhh!  An entire victim-based industry wants to keep that nugget of information secret, or their whole business model fails.