September 21, 2010


November is coming

by Nori
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The focus this coming election is on a politician’s character more than his or her party. And as November approaches, we need to know . . . are the people we elect going to retain their stated values and goals when they reach the rarefied air of Washington DC? Are they going to adhere to the principals upon which they campaigned?  Are they going to remember it is “we the people” and hold strong against peer pressure and listen and abide by our wishes? Are they truly going to reflect our values and morals? Those, indeed, are the key questions this November.

As a mental refresher, take the time to watch the videos of the Independence Caucus.  It’s important we don’t lose focus on the problem or sight of the solution. These videos lay out the problem quite clearly and give an enticing glimpse of what could be if we apply ourselves to finding people who will truly represent us in Washington.

And since November is just around the corner, take the time to use the Fair Tax Calculator to see what impact the Fair Tax would have on your personal finances. It’s quick, it’s fun and it’s an eye opener.

The most important thing I can ask of you is to take the time to vote in November. I am not telling you who to vote for, I’m telling you to get engaged. Casting a vote for who goes to Washington is OUR job. It is possible our most important job. If we don’t do our job, we have no ground to stand on if things are not done to our liking. Get out and vote.