November 30, 2008


My Right to Bear Arms

by DJ
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I am a big advocate of the right to carry a firearm should I so desire. Today, an article appeared in my local newspaper that identifies a trend in states who already have instruments in place allowing you to carry your weapon in a concealed manner, to take the concept to the next level: open carry. As long as you have the appropriate training and license to do so; you can carry a concealed weapon. Texas is one of several states to have a carry concealed weapons law. I don’t want to return to the days of the wild, wild West, even though I do live in Texas. But it would not bother me in the least to have an open carry law for law abiding citizens. I’m sure it may open a can of worms, in the war of good vs evil, but I tend to believe the criminals might think twice were weapons in open view.

There is also the argument about guns killing people. Yes. Guns kill. But it takes a human to pull the trigger. A gun lying on the table is not going to kill anyone. I also believe we need to start enforcing the laws we have when a gun is involved in a crime. Don’t make new laws that make it harder for the lawful citizen to uphold his constitutional right to own and bear arms. Make it more difficult for criminals to get away with their crimes. You commit a crime with a gun, whether you fire it or not, you go to jail. You do mandatory time. Period. End of discussion.

I digress… protect your right to own and bear arms. That is what this post is all about.