September 7, 2011


Mother Earth News

by Nori
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If you’re a conservative, if you like settled science, if you think global warming is unsettled, you won’t like the direction Mother Earth News has taken.  The August issue had a big splashy article with lots of made up *facts* about global warming.  I think I set a new record . . . I subscribed AND unsubscribed in under 4 hours.  Even for me, that’s short.  Here’s my unsubscribe request.

After reading through a single issue of Mother Earth News, it is apparent the magazine is not for me.  While I think taking care of our planet is important, the magazine pushes pseudo-science as true science, something I find to be unconscionable.  This is not an agenda I can support.  Refund my unused subscription, please.  MEN is not a periodical I want to read nor a business I wish to support.