February 13, 2013


Life altering events

by Nori
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You never really know what you’re capable of until you face a crisis.  You never really understand that statement . . . until you face a crisis.  Been there.

Enter my life altering event . . . my very best friend in the whole world had a massive stroke.  For four months I fussed over her, cared for her, worried about her and did everything I could to make her life better.  I literally set my life aside to care for my friend and support her family.  Even now I cannot imagine having done any other thing.  As I mourn her passing, I would not trade the time I spent caring for her for anything.

It’s hard to understand the depth of our hearts until they’ve been tested.  My husband stepped up and did so much for me and my friend.  I am blessed to have that heart in my life.