December 3, 2011


Just when you thought the TSA couldn’t possibly get any stupider . . .

by Nori
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. . . they do.

Teen's purse prohibited on plane because it's a "replica" of a gun.
The whole story is here =>

For those of you needing a definition of “replica” . . .

n : copy that is not the original; something that has been replicated [syn: reproduction]

Now compare that to bas-relief.

bas-relief \Bas`-re*lief”\, n. [F. bas-relief; bas law + relief raised work, relever to raise: cf. It. bassorilievo.]
Low relief; sculpture, the figures of which project less than half of their true proportions; — called also bassrelief and basso-rilievo. See Alto-rilievo.

Now which do you think is the correct term for the gun on her purse? Yeah, I’m still rolling my eyes at the idiocy of the TSA.  They evidently have no idea how to use a dictionary in addition to being very poorly trained.  That’s our government at work folks, “protecting” us by being stupid.