May 1, 2021


Is it really your business?

by Nori
Categories: Feeding the Soul, Government, Politics, Religion, Social networking, Wising up
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As creatures of society, we’re natural nosy and intrusive busy bodies.  While there are laudable values in knowing what everyone else is doing (more able to help when help is truly needed), our native nature isn’t to good-hearted altruism.  We gossip about everyone and everything.  We have an opinion on everything and everyone.  Seldom is it considerate, kind or supportive.  Does anyone besides me see anything wrong with this?

We’re seeing this trend for dictating personal choice and interference in how we live as a rampant trend in our society.  Our government is an extension of our society and the government is inserting itself more and more into our lives.  Does anyone else this this as disturbing, like shades of Nazi Germany?

You may think I’m over reacting but consider the parallels.