April 1, 2010


Indiana Congressional Race – Todd Young

by Nori
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I don’t know how closely you follow politics . . . it’s going to be an interesting year!  There’s a movement afoot to try to restore our country to the one envisioned and advocated by our founding fathers.  The grass roots movement to forward the campaigns of constitution minded fiscally responsible candidates will be fascinating to watch.

So take a minute and acquaint yourself with candidates best suited to the goal of returning our country to its founding values.

I’m working to support Todd Young.  He is obviously a stellar candidate (.  Not only has he served his country, he continues to do so by volunteering his time to his community.  He can articulate what’s wrong with our current system and had common sense ideas to return us to our founding fathers’ values.  Take a few minutes and learn about Todd Young.


After you’ve watched the short video, read his about page.  You will be impressed.