October 23, 2010


In pain? Out of breath?

by Nori
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There’s been a lot of comment about Obama’s deliberate omission of “by our creator” when quoting from the Declaration of Independence.  He’s done it twice in the last two months.

It seems the volume of hue and cry has had an impact.  Obama is finally showing proper respect to our Declaration of Independence.  To me it seems to be a painful acceptance.  Watch the video and tell me what you think.   In the first two speeches he seems to exude his normal energy.  In the last, when giving the complete quote, he seems out of breath and exhausted.  I’m probably reading in things that aren’t there, but the difference to me is pretty glaring.

UPDATE: On Beck’s radio show this morning (10/25) Glenn noted the change in Obama’s presentation.  It was pretty funny.