December 24, 2010


Huckabee’s self-administered black eye

by Nori
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If you’re a conservative, if you’re concerned about how big government has gotten and how far government’s tentacles have spread into our private lives, you are alarmed about the passage of the nutrition bill put forward by Michelle Obama, who feels child nutrition can’t be left to the parents and must be mandated by government.  Ouch.  Hello big government.  Again your tax dollars will be paying for something you neither want nor need.  What a great gift this holiday season.

In Palin’s Alaska Sarah takes an amusing pot shot at Michelle’s government-knows-best ideology and Huckabee, recovering fatty, says Michelle’s right.  Oops.  Mike, honey, if you are trying to convince us you’ll stand for smaller government, you’ve just blown it.  You’ve certainly lost my respect and support.  You are now a once-was, has-been in the “freedom of the people/smaller government” arena.  You are now irrelevant.

I think David Harsanyi has it right.  Read his article and see what you think.