August 13, 2010


From the interesting to the bizarre

by Nori
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I spend a lot of time learning things.  It’s not intentional.  I don’t say “today I’m going to learn about . . . “, I just need to know things.  Today it’s all about bog coats (getting ready to teach a workshop) which lead to “guba”, an old European type of coat woven from roughly twisted fibers.  In trying to find a picture of a guba coat I Googled guba coat and clicked over to images.  Sometimes it’s faster to find what you need if you can see what the site’s really about.

So here I am searching for a picture or drawing of a guba coat, which I haven’t yet found.  What I did find ranged from interesting to bizarre.  Don’t believe me?  Try it.  Keep an eye out for “propeller man” (unprepossessing naked guy standing on the deck of a sail boat swinging . . . you guessed it), beautiful feet with bright red toe nails on a weight scale, a zebrula (horse/zebra cross), an artsy painting of a Rubenesque naked lady in skewed perspective . . . and still no guba coat.