September 25, 2008


Don’t save me from myself

by DJ
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In 2004 my home flooded. Not just a little either. Not as bad as New Orleans in 2005 and not as bad as Galveston in 2008. But it did flood bad enough to require moving out and rebuilding. What I learned from this experience is you have got to act quickly and you cannot rely on the government, or anyone else for that matter, to help you. It is a sucky situation to be in, but you’ll survive.

Homes are completely destroyed and left unsalvageable because our brilliant agencies deem our properties and infrastructure unsafe. Thank goodness that was not the approach in my neighborhood. We discovered within three days black mold had already started forming and setting in (Texas in July… need I say more). We had EVERYTHING out of the house within those initial days. I can’t imagine what I would have found had I been kept from my house any longer. It infuriates me to no end that our illustrious law makers and officials don’t get this concept. The longer you wait, the worse it is going to be. If you can act quickly, you just might be able to save that photo album or favorite book; but if you cannot get to your property within days, theses items and so much more will indeed be a total loss. You do not need water or electricity to start tearing your house apart. Our officials would better serve us by coming through with tractors, front-end loaders, and refuse containers so we could get down to the business of clean up. They could set up porta-cans and provide generators. Government, in my opinion, when faced with the disasters of such magnitude that has hit the US coastal communities in recent years is totally ineffective and is truly missing the point.

Homeowners… get a grip and deal with it. Act quickly. You will get through it. Trust me.

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