November 8, 2008


Did you know . . .

by Nori
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Sometimes I learn the most interesting thing when doing research.  Sometimes it’s not even what I was looking for.  Did you know Google has different sites on different servers to service different country?  I occasionally hit a foreign google site when I do a search . . . sometimes when I’m just going to, which explains why my friend can see Google letters masked in voting booths on voting day and I can’t.

That’s interesting in itself, but not my point.  Did you know there are sites dedicated just to looking up words for scrabble people?  I didn’t.  I was working on a no clues crossword when I thought it would be nice if I could search for and find a site that allowed you to put in the known letters and get a list of words that match.  I ran into the scrabble link and saved it.  With my new word lookup site, that gives me two good puzzle reference sites I didn’t have before.  Cool!