August 31, 2011


Could we have a little global warming PLEASE

by Nori
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This summer hasn’t been.  It’s the last day of August and we’ve had two days in that broke 80º.  Brrr.  Normally we have 2 weeks of 80º+ temperatures.  I’m having trouble keeping my aquarium warm enough for my fish, my aquaponic grow bed outside is not getting enough warm days for the tomatoes and peppers to ripen and I’m going to have to move my grow wall back inside well before I planned.  Brrr.

I remember summers like this when I was a kid . . . where it didn’t get warm and our garden struggled.  Texas is in the middle of a drought now and that’s not new either.  In 1951 Texas started a six year drought that devastated the mid and southwest.

So I’m asking . . . just a little global warming . . . please?