December 2, 2010


Conservative site crashing

by Nori
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I’m extending a plea to any person or organization with a website who might possibly offer support/information or extend a request for help.  If you go on Fox News, PLEASE make sure your site is set to handle the rush of traffic because I guarantee you, there WILL be a rush of traffic.

Just in the last three days two sites I tried to access have experienced unintentional DOS attacks due to traffic directly from people trying to get to the site to help or get more information.

The first was Fathom Events.  I was trying to find a local theater showing Glenn Beck’s “Broke” scheduled to show today.  While the website didn’t become unavailable in the literal sense, it was unavailable as the site traffic was so stiff some of the functions failed to function.

The second was Operation Shoebox.  I tried to get on the site to donate for postage to get Christmas packages over to our troops.  Total crash, forbidden 403 error.  <sigh>  It came back up pretty quick, but this was SO unnecessary.

I think webmasters fail to realize how big the surge will be when a plea or offer of info is presented on conservative media.  Conservatives step up to the plate.  Conservatives give.  They give time, they give effort, they give money.  If you’re asking a conservative, be prepared for the response.