September 22, 2010


Clueless or devious?

by Nori
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I don’t know if you get the CNSNews daily news brief. I do. This blip actually made me shake my head.

Hillary Clinton Wants Global Standards for Cook Stoves
– Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced a “global alliance for clean cook stoves” Tuesday at a meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative. The U.S. is paying $50 million over five years to provide clean cook stoves to developing countries, to reduce deaths from smoke inhalation and to fight climate change, Clinton said.

Really?  Boy is she out of the loop.  For decades forward thinkers the world over have been working on this problem using smart manufacturing practices and PRIVATE sector money.  Don’t believe me?  It’s true.  Do a Google search on the following phrase and see what you get . . . rocket stove cooking developing nations.  As to the inventor of the more efficient method of cooking, do a search on Ianto Evans.  It’s been done, folks.  It is totally not necessary to waste our tax dollars dabbling in something that is a) none of our government’s business b) does nothing to advance our country’s security or prosperity and c) is a waste of our tax dollars.

For a synopsis of one of the improved cooking stove projects, go to this link.  If you know ANYTHING about rocket stoves or rocket mass heaters, you’d know that Ms. Hillary is definitely a day late and wasting a lot of our short dollars on something that’s already been invented, is in production and is being distributed to developing nations the world over using free market capital.

There was NO value in the government stepping in and distributing our tax dollars to foreign countries when the private sector is already handling the problem .  This is just another example of the government stepping in where it doesn’t belong, increasing the size of government and adding bureaucracy to something that’s already working.