January 5, 2009



by Nori
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My brain never stops thinking about things.  I wake up with music playing in my head and usually have music playing in my head in the background all through the day.  If I’m lucky it’s music I enjoy . . . like Tina Turner’s Thunderdome or Diana Krall’s Narrow Daylight, something classic rock or smooth jazz.  I strive to listening to music I really like.  Can you imagine having musak playing in your head with no way to get it out?   Or, God forbid, bad country and western.  ACK!

I’m always pondering concepts and problems.  I don’t think I’m abnormal.  I’ve always got a puzzle I’m working through.  Sometimes they’re just small but interesting things like new quilt patterns, daily sudoku, jigsaw and word puzzles.  My favorite long term working puzzles are multidimensional.  A real life game of Spider, constantly backtracking to try different options until you’ve cleared the board.

My current challenge involves building economically so we live comfortably debt free.  That’s more complex than it initially sounds.  It doesn’t help that I am continually being distracted by enticing little winged “what ifs”.

I think a lot of people are like me, with a brain that’s always busy doing something.  It makes for an interesting life.