March 22, 2017


Arguing with liberals

by admin
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As those of us who understand human nature, have studied history and follow world events know, the current liberal mindset is pretty darned clueless. They believe what they believe because they can’t accept a world that doesn’t bow to their disconnected-from-reality ideology. They haven’t studied socialism (they largely haven’t studied history at all), haven’t read the Federalist Papers, don’t understand the culture under which our nation was born, are clueless about liberty and freedom. They are largely ignorant, stupid and have become so invested in the current liberal rhetoricĀ  we, the conservative/responsible adults, don’t know how to talk to them.

That, I think, is what needs to change. We must help then connect what they believe to history, help them understand how history repeats itself when people get stupid and don’t study history. They need to know the facts so they can make informed judgements about the issues that face them today.

As the adults in the room, we need to step up and gently and kindly teach them how to be analytical based on what history has taught us.