December 24, 2010


And the readers have it

by Nori
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I’ve been struggling with getting the news *I* want, not all the stuff other people think is “news”.  I don’t care about anyone’s love life, where they’re vacationing or who had who over to dinner.  I don’t want to read about sensational events in small-town America.  If kids stole a meerkat from a zoo, this is NOT national news!  Trust me!

I’ve finally winnowed my news down to a general check daily and rss subscriptions for the things on which I want to be more fully informed.  Finding the feed is the key.

Did you know the Cato Institute has a blog?  Nope, me either, but I found it and have subscribed.

I can follow the political actions of key folks via subscriptions to Open Congress.  That lets me follow the movers and shakers and the politicians from my state.  That’s pretty tidy.

Subscribing to news feeds is pretty slick.  Let’s see if it gives me what I need when I need it.

This is like the ancient Chinese curse.  May you live in interesting times . . .