April 6, 2021


All things COVID

by Nori
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There was an excellent article in my feed today on COVID. I’ve seen so much disinformation and wrong-headed thinking. If you look at just the facts, a wholly different picture forms.

Real Covid Facts You’re Not Allowed to Know

Apr 6, 2021 by NewsWithViews

4.6.21 – News with Views

“Real Covid Facts You’re Not Allowed to Know”

By Lex Greene

Let’s begin with the basics – U.S. Annual Death Rates

Every year between 1950 and today, Americans have died of multiple causes, at an annual death rate of between 8% and 10% of our population.Over the past 70-years, the highest annual death rate in the USA was recorded in 1950, 9.964% of the U.S. population at that time. Since then, the U.S. death rate slowly dropped to its lowest period annual death rate of 8.124% of the population in 2008.

The official death rate in the USA under COVID19 in 2020 is 8.880% of population. From 2009 to today, the U.S. death rate has slowly increased each year from 8.131% in 2009 to 8.782% in 2019, pre-COVID. That’s an average annual increase in death rate of .065% per year, before COVID. Under COVID 2020, the overall death rate increased only .098% between 2019 and 2020.But was this increase due to COVID19 (aka SARS2)?

You don’t have to believe me, read these facts at the links provided for yourself.

Questions you should have asked

  • If your mask works, why does anyone else need one to protect you? If you feel safer wearing a mask, by all means, wear a mask. However, if your mask protects you from environmental threats, such as a cold, the flu or COVID19, then there’s no reason for you to force anyone else to wear one in your presence. The only reason to ask anyone else to wear a mask, is if your mask doesn’t work.
  • The SARS (corona – cold) virus first showed up in the USA in 2003 and was eradicated in the USA by 2005, by the use of Hydroxychloroquine. COVID19 is SARS2 with the exact same symptoms. So, why did our government outlaw the use of Hydroxychloroquine against the COVID19 virus in 2020? (BTW- Hydroxychloroquine has had FDA approval for public use since the 1970s)
  • Remember when the “experts” told us a 14-day national quarantine would eradicate COVID19 in April 2020? Remember when they told us over 2-million Americans were going to die of COVID19 between April 1 and April 15 of 2020? Remember that the recorded number for this period was allegedly 63,000 dead instead of 2-million? How could the medical “experts” get this so wrong?
  • Have the “experts” been able to isolate the COVID19 protein, and if not, how did they develop a vaccine for COVID19? They haven’t…
  • Why are the three vaccine companies making people sign a waver to get the vaccine, while affirming that none of the three vaccines are yet FDA approved?
  • Since when do we quarantine 300-million healthy people for a year…while importing thousands of sick people illegally, at our southern border?
  • If social distancing works, how is the virus still spreading under those unlawful orders, and how are COVID numbers dropping in states that have lifted all COVID orders?

In all CDC COVID reporting, do you know the difference between “dying with COVID” vs. “dying of COVID?”Do you understand “comorbidity?”

According to the CDC, 564,362 Americans have died “with” COVID. But the CDC admits thatonly 6% of these deaths were “from” COVID alone, 33,861 deaths directly due to COVID.This is public information, yet most Americans seem to be completely unaware and still scared to death of COVID.

Is the USA worse than other developed nations?

Death rates by country for 2020 Combatting false leftwing propaganda

Germany 11.510%
Greece 11.147%
Japan 11.085%
Italy 10.749%
Austria 9.941%
Denmark 9.914%
Belgium 9.780%
United Kingdom 9.429%
France 9.414%
Spain 9.312%
Sweden 9.126%
Netherland 9.005%
USA 8.880%

While the Biden pseudo-administration forces shots (not vaccines by definition) on American citizens, the UN is projecting the USA death rate to continue skyrocketing to 10.785% from now through the year 2089…. Why? Isn’t the vaccine going to work? Or are the vaccines going to make things much worse over the next 68-years? What does the UN know that Americans don’t know?

Real Doctors have been trying to warn Americans the entire timeBut the cancel culture and global propaganda machine we call news and social media, have prevented the truth from reaching most Americans. As a result, most Americans remain under socialist boot and clueless.

…The USA is NOT dying from COVID19… we are dying from unlawful and unconstitutional COVID19 mandates from people with no authority to issue or enforce those mandates whatsoever.

LAST…so far in 2021, more Americans have died from the COVID19 vaccines (2,216 and rapidly climbing) than mass shooting deaths 88. So, why is the Biden pseudo-administration targeting lawful gun owners who have not committed any crimes, instead of shutting down these vaccines? There’s an obvious answer here, again!

…The American people cannot survive their unwarranted fear and apathy. They must stand up or surrender…