November 14, 2008


Affection without expectation

by Nori
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A couple years ago I was looking for a way to tell my friends and family I held them close to my heart without making them feel obligated to respond in kind.  After all, not all of us feel warm and fuzzy all the time.  So my answer to the problem was “love you, bye.”  At the end of the phone conversation, I could say “love you, bye” and it mostly removed any obligation for a response in kind from the person at the other end of the line because our conversation was done.

I don’t do it all the time . . . not every call, just when I felt moved to express my affection.  It expresses my feelings in a light and airy way that can be taken as lightly or seriously as the recipient deems.  It works.

I had the treat of hearing it come back around a few days ago.  I heard someone who was neither a relation nor a close personal friend say it to someone else in parting.  What a lovely thing!

So pass on the love.  Let people know you love them in an uncomplicated yet heartfelt way.  Life is really short.  Let your friends and family know you care and make it a concious thing.  Pass on the love you feel.  Tomorrow may be too late.