Have you ever wanted to make a statement or comment on current events?  We have and we do.  There are times when we must say “what were you thinking” or “you have GOT to be kidding”.  This is our spot to make those statements, as well as comments on other things of note.  We have a voice.

My name is Nori and I’m a programmer, horse person, writer and researcher, quilter, dog person and a good friend.  I have a number of sites besides this one.

With all that said, meet my friend Donna.

Hi, I’m Donna.  I’m a graphic designer, technical writer, magazine publisher, horse and dog person, sculler and Nori’s friend.  I, too, have a number of sites besides this one.

As you can see, we’re busy ladies with a lot of variety in our life. Isn’t that what makes life interesting?