April 15, 2021


When the good guys fight the bad guys . . .

by Nori
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Freedom wins! One of the organizations I contribute to annually is the Freedom Foundation. They do really solid work to keep workers’ freedoms alive and well.

Freedom in Action


Another day, another union forgery attempt foiled

For the third time, the Freedom Foundation has obtained a successful outcome for a Medicaid-compensated homecare provider whose signature was forged on a membership agreement so her union could continue deducting dues from her modest pay against her wishes.

The Foundation has obtained a judgment including attorneys’ fees and costs totaling $17,180, on behalf of Maria Gatdula. The Freedom Foundation is still litigating 10 or so similar cases in Washington, Oregon and California.

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Proposed Amendment Sinks AFSCME’s HB 3029, Catches Union Leader In A Lie 

One of the few bills specifically requested by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) during the Oregon State Legislature’s 2021 session will no longer be moving forward, thanks to a proposed amendment that forced one of the union’s leaders to all but admit he lied to lawmakers about the legislation’s true purpose.

Sponsored by a trio of House Democrats, House Bill (HB) 3029 would have allowed government unions to be organized online — as in, with the click of a button — while simultaneously denying those same capabilities to workers seeking to change or remove their existing unions.

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Featured Media


Aaron Withe joins The Real Story to discuss why teachers unions in Los Angeles are using their own political agenda against our children’s education.

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Tim Snowball on Fox dives into our lawsuit to try and get schools reopened. 

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SEIU Now Faces Five Forgery Lawsuits, RICO Violations in  Oregon

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