May 9, 2009


On Religion

by Nori
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Personally, I’m probably an agnostic with atheist leanings, BUT anyone socially blind enough to denigrate the value of religion is missing the boat.

Religion, and specifically the Christian religion, is the core of the great strength of our unique and glorious country.

People on the whole are universally weak and stupid. Religion, specifically the Christian religion, provides a blueprint for living a good life. Not a good life in that you are going to make a lot of money. Not a good life in that you are going to live forever, but a good life in that you will be able to interact well with others, stay out of jail and sleep well at night. If you participate in organized religion you will have a sense of community and will have others there to help you when the world seems against you. If you follow the ten commandments, which is the foundation this country was built on, your life will have a core that will provide guidance when you need it. My litmus test is “can I tell my mother about this and be okay with it”.

So I may not believe in God, but I believe in living my life to the general standards set by the Christian religion. By doing so, I sleep well at night and have a controllable amount of stress in my life.

In this great country, people have the right to believe as they choose. I choose to believe if I do the right thing, I will sleep well at night, I will be reasonably happy and I can tell my mom everything about my day without flinching.